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Title: The political economy of the twentieth century
Authors: Amin, Samir
Keywords: global economic crisis
political economy
Issue Date: Jun-2000
Series/Report no.: Monthly review;Vol. 52, N° 2
Abstract: The twentieth century came to a close in an atmosphere astonishingly reminiscent of that which had presided over its birth—the "belle époque" (and it was beautiful, at least for capital). The bourgeois choir of the European powers, the United States, and Japan (which I will call here "the triad" and which, by 1910, constituted a distinct group) were singing hymns to the glory of their definitive triumph. The working classes of the center were no longer the "dangerous classes" they had been during the nineteenth century and the other peoples of the world were called upon to accept the "civilizing mission" of the West.
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