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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Schéma d'analyse de l'évolution des structures du financement du développement économique en Egypte de 1952 à 1967Amin, Samir
1970-11Underdevelopment and dependence in black Africa - their historical origin and contemporary formsAmin, Samir
1970-12The development mechanisms of groundnut cultivation 1885-1970Amin, Samir
1970-12Externally orientated development - an assessement of the decade 1960-70 for the french-speaking countries of West AfricaAmin, Samir
1971Upper Volta between the years 1960 and 1970Amin, Samir
1971Histoire économique du Congo 1880-1968 by Samir Amin & Catherine Coquery-VidrovitchKonczacki, Zbigniew A.
1971-01The republic of Guinea - ten years of independence 1958-1968Amin, Samir
1971-01French Soudan : The « Office du Niger» delusionAmin, Samir
1971-01Mauritania and Miferma 1960-1970Amin, Samir
1971-01The economic evolution of Ghana 1890 - 1970Amin, Samir
1971-01The development of capitalism in the Ivory CoastAmin, Samir
1971-02Togo from german colonization to present day an early developmentAmin, Samir
1971-02Dahomey between the years 1960 and 1970Amin, Samir
1971-02Niger 1960-1970Amin, Samir
1971-05Extension mechanisms of groundnuts cultivation 1885-1970Amin, Samir
1971-07Les mécanismes de l'extension de l'agriculture arachidière - 1885-1970 : II - Les difficultés de l'industrialisation. 1959-1969Amin, Samir
1971-10Sous-développement et dépendance en Afrique noire les origines historiques et les formes contemporainesAmin, Samir
1971-11L'Afrique sous-peuplée : Etude des flux financiersAmin, Samir
1971-11The problems of transition and their theoretical solutionAmin, Samir
1971-11Under-populated AfricaAmin, Samir